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Artificial Pea Pods, Bag of 48, 2 Sizes

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Manufacturer CBI
Brand BIC
Color Pea Green
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11 Jul 2017

Why Artificial Plants are Cool

Many people are increasingly opting for artificial plants rather than live plants for their house decoration and plantscaping needs. Artificial plants have a number of unique advantages over live plants.

11 Jul 2017

The Best Friend Of Interior Decorators: Artificial Plants

Nature and its elegance has challenged many to bring it indoors. Most ornamental plants promote a relaxing ambiance with their variation of color and design. They add attitude to the space. However plants often die.

15 Jul 2017

Feed Your Soul With Good Colors

Take a walk in the woods or stroll through an art museum and you will instantly be aware of the color that surrounds you. What you may not be aware of is your mind and body responding to the color on a sub-conscious level.

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  • Blog Entry
    257 views 97 favs
    4 Jul 2017 Posted By Faye A.

    The Beauty Of Artificial Plants

    The artificial plants of today are nothing like they used to be. A fake plant was extremely obvious in the past with the chunks of plastic hanging off the branches and petals. Today they have become almost a fine art; creations of silk fabric and soft coating on wires.

  • Blog Entry
    247 views 36 favs
    13 Jul 2017 Posted By Max O.

    How To Choose The Best Artificial Plants Or Flowers For Your Home

    There are many benefits to choosing artificial plants or flowers for your home. First of all, as compared to the real thing, your artificial vegetation is relatively low maintenance.

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    Manufacturer: Flora Bunda Brand: Artificial Vegetables Color: green

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    SALE PRICE: $29.95
    Manufacturer: CBI Brand: BIC Color: Purple